We provide professional workshoptype branded product authentication seminar where audience can learn the actual items such as bags and accessories. We are active all over the world mainly in Japan and Asia.

We provide professional seminars and instructional classes on general knowledge and authenticity on branded products including handbags and accessories. Our industry expertise and guidance are well recognized within the branded designer luxury industry and we provide these services worldwide with a concentration in Asia, specifically in Japan.


We are researching counterfeit products to counter most advanced counterfeit products.

We continually research counterfeit products to detect the most advanced techniques in creating these products. With the inclusion of artificial intelligence (A.I.), we leverage our expertise and technology to issue authenticity certificates for the products that meet our standards.


We only sell preloved branded products with a certificate that meet our standards.

We only issue our guarantee certificate on items that meet our authenticity standards and our business partners that buy and sell these products can assure their customers that they are working with a trusted source.

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