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株式会社 Myblex
(Myblex Co.,Ltd.)

経営理念 Management Philosophy

[真実の追求」 Pursuing The Truth


Through the research and the detection of counterfeit products, we strive to reduce and eliminate the growth of this market and provide consumers a level of confidence on the authenticity of the items that they purchase and own.

“Myblex Founded in 2019”

私たちのチーム Our Team

竹林 雅夫 代表取締役 社長
Masao Takebayashi CEO

In 2007, Masao’s career in the secondary distribution industry began. After working for a major precious metals trading company and a major secondary market brand distribution sales company, he has gained knowledge in various products including precious metals, branded goods, stamps, coins, and antiques. His experience also includes store launches, large B2B showrooms, and online auction projects. Masao’s passion has been focused on authenticity in the market with concentrations in CSR and sustainability as a secondary distribution company. For these reasons, this company was formed to establish a standard in brand authenticity reliability while incorporating expertise and technological advancements in artificial intelligence (A.I.).

鈴木 裕実子 代表取締役 副社長
Yumiko Suzuki Vice President

In 2013, Yumiko’s career in the secondary distribution industry began. Her experience has been focused on B2B business involved in the trading of precious metals, branded products including handbags and accessories and branded jewelry. She was a leader in auctions, product purchases from the market, exhibition and trade shows, and oversaw large B2B trading showrooms. By interacting with customers globally, she gained a thorough understanding of the Japanese and worldwide secondary goods market. As a result of her work in the secondary market for used goods, she participated in the area of authenticity with the incorporation of technology artificial intelligence (A.I.), detection of counterfeit goods, CSR, and sustainability within the environment. With her participation as a senior researcher, the Brand Shinji and Appraisal Research Institute was formed. As a result of her experience, she has conducted seminars and lectures in many countries including China, Hong Kong, Japan, and the United States. As an officer of Myblex, she strives to address and minimize the global counterfeit market and issues, focus on sustainability issues in the environment, and create consumer confidence in authenticity practices.

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To create a company that can affect a “real society” through secondary market distribution of authentic products while creating and promoting global standards utilizing technology through artificial intelligence (A.I.).

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Value (Values and Action Guidelines)

Our focus is to become “the last sanctuary” for determination of authentic or counterfeit items in the secondary market of reusable products (SIN-GAN).

これらの再利用可能な製品(SIN-GAN)の真正性または偽造性の判断と判断には、広範な経験、包括的なスキル、製品知識、洞察、および情報調査が必要です。 これには多大な努力が必要ですが、Myblexは市場でこれに対処するよう努めています。

The determination and judgement of the authenticity or counterfeit nature of these reusable products (SIN-GAN) requires extensive experience, comprehensive skills, product knowledge, insight, and informational research. Although this requires an enormous effort, Myblex strives to address this in the market.